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We specialize in sealing, which is an integral part of every packaging line we manufacture. With over 65 years of experience, we have crafted and delivered numerous machines for food, cosmetic, and medical packaging. Our unwavering commitment has always been to prioritize our customers. Our team of experts conducts thorough product analysis to ensure the most suitable solution for your upcoming production requirements.


As experts in food packaging, we have the ability to package any type, texture, shape, or size of food product. Our extensive knowledge and wide network of partners enable us to offer comprehensive and automated packaging solutions, while prioritizing the most suitable packaging materials in line with circular economy principles. We understand the significance of the products that reach tables worldwide, and as we meet the unique demands of our customers, we never lose sight of the individuality of each product, just like our ILPRA machines that provide the necessary protection.

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Not just food.
ILPRA has specialized in medical packaging over the years thanks to its expertise in thermoforming. Complete lines or stand-alone solutions designed for your medical devices. On the other hand, the ILPRA Seal Box line, suitable for non-stackable containers, was created for packaging cosmetic and personal care products. Other solutions in Doypack and Sachet configurations are equally affordable.