ILPRA Fill Seal R12

Fill Seal R12 & S12

The ILPRA Fill Seal R12 is a sophisticated filling machine with a rotary table and servo-driven workstations, designed to optimize the timing of each work phase for increased productivity and improved management of products and containers.
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Full Description

The Fill Seal R12 stands out for its advanced technology and high customization capabilities, making it suitable for businesses seeking a high-performance filling and sealing solution.

Its total brushless operation allows precise control over each step of the process, enhancing productivity and the careful handling of products and containers.

The S12 model, while more basic, still offers robust functionality and efficiency, making it a great option for businesses requiring a simpler solution. Both models are designed to handle various packaging methods, including sealing, gas flush, MAP/ATP, and vacuum, and can accommodate up to six pots per cycle.

- Sealing -

- Gas Flush -

- Vacuum -


Up to 30 cpm

Gas Flush Fill
Up to 30 cpm

Up to 20 cpm

Vacuum Fill
Up to 30 cpm

Sealing Fill
Up to 40 cpm

Technical Data

Technical data : Fill Seal R12

Dimensions : 215x 219x h 230 cm

Weight: circa 2900 Kg

Electric Power Lid: 11 Kw

Electric Power Film: 13 (N) - 16 (VG) kW

Pots per cycle: up to 6

Ø Max Cups Lid: 160 mm

Ø Max Cups Film : 160 mm

Max height Cup: 170 mm

Technical data : Fill Seal S12

Dimensions : 240 x 223 x h 232 cm

Weight: circa 2900 Kg

Electric Power Lid: 10,5 kW

Electric Power Film: -

Pots per cycle: up to 6

Ø Max Cups Lid: 160 mm

Ø Max Cups Film : -

Max height Cup: 170 mm



High-Capacity Storage

Optimizes the timing of each work step, increasing productivity and improving handling of products and containers.

Pick & Place

Automates the placement of pre-filled containers inside the machine, enhancing efficiency.

Suction of Foreign Materials

Removes foreign bodies from the bottom of containers, ensuring product purity.

Ultra Cleaning System

Offers sanitization options like UVC lamps, pulsed light, and hydrogen peroxide.

Dosing Systems

Provides a variety of dosing options for precise and efficient filling.

Laminar Flow Hood

Supplies a constant flow of micro-filtered air inside the machine to increase product shelf life.

Crimping System

Crimps the lid to the side edge of glass or ceramic pots, ensuring a secure seal.

Inkjet Printer

Adds essential information like expiration dates and production lots to packaging.

CIP Clean-In-Place System

Enables autonomous washing of the dosing unit, ensuring thorough cleaning and sanitization.


Total Brushless

The FS R12 features a total brushless operation, which optimizes the timing of each work step, significantly increasing productivity and improving the handling of both products and containers. This advanced technology ensures precise control over the packaging process, leading to enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, the brushless system contributes to reduced wear and tear on the machine, resulting in lower maintenance requirements and extended machine life.

MAP Packaging

ILPRA offers protective atmosphere packaging on the R12 model, a distinctive feature for a rotary table filler and sealer. This technology is crucial for extending the shelf life of perishable products by modifying the atmosphere within the packaging. It is particularly beneficial for food products, as it helps maintain freshness, flavor, and nutritional value over an extended period.

High-Capacity Storage

Both the R12 and S12 models come with automated container feeding and large storage capacity, ensuring maximum autonomy of the machine and operators. This feature allows for longer uninterrupted production runs, enhancing overall productivity. The high capacity storage also means less frequent refilling is needed, further streamlining the production process.

Simplified Mould Change

These models offer a system that allows for quick changes in the number of impressions, significantly limiting machine downtime. This flexibility is essential for businesses that need to adapt quickly to different product sizes or packaging formats, enabling them to respond swiftly to changing market demands or production needs.

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