ILPRA FoodPack 400 extra

FoodPack 400 Extra

The ILPRA FoodPack 400 Extra is a semi-automatic tray sealer that combines ease of use with a compact design, making it an ideal solution for small production environments.
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Full Description

The FoodPack 400 Extra is tailored for businesses that require a versatile and efficient packaging solution without a large investment. Its ability to handle up to six different types of packaging, including sealing only, MAP, vacuum, and various skin packaging options, makes it a highly adaptable machine for a range of products. The integrated touch screen panel allows for easy setting of working parameters and storage of several recipes, enhancing operational efficiency.

The compact design, including an internal vacuum pump, ensures that the machine occupies minimal space, making it suitable for environments with limited room.



Gas Flush





Extraskin on Cardboard

fino a 4 cpm

Extraskin on cardboard
fino a 4 cpm

Technical Data

Technical Data: FoodPack 400 Extra

Dimensions: 105 x 108 x h 155 cm

Weight : circa 180 (N) - 230 (VG) Kg

Air Consumption Vacuum Gas: 6 bar - 40 Nlt/cycle

ExtraSkin Air Consumption : 6 bar - 70 Nlt/cycle

Vacuum Gas Sealing Area: 420 x 300 x h 135 mm

ExtraSkin Sealing Area : 400 x 300 x protrusion 50 mm (optional 70 mm)




This innovative technology, patented by ILPRA, significantly reduces gas usage while enhancing the speed of the packaging process, contributing to both cost savings and increased productivity.


Specialized for high protrusion skin packaging, this technology allows for skin packing at up to 60 mm (optional 70 mm), providing flexibility and quality in packaging options, especially for products requiring enhanced presentation and protection.


Touch Screen Panel

This panel simplifies machine operation by allowing easy setting of all working parameters and storing several recipes for quick use, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility. The intuitive design of the touch screen interface ensures ease of use, making it accessible for operators of all skill levels. Additionally, the ability to store multiple packaging recipes allows for quick transitions between different packaging types, increasing the machine’s versatility and reducing downtime.

Versatile Packing Options

The FoodPack 400 Extra’s capability to handle a variety of packaging methods, including sealing only, MAP, vacuum, and different skin packaging options, makes it exceptionally versatile. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that package a diverse range of products, as it allows for customization according to specific packaging requirements. The flexibility in packaging types also means that businesses can adapt to changing market demands without the need for additional equipment

Automatic Winder and Unwinder

This system automates the film handling process, ensuring the precise placement of heat-sealing film and efficient rewinding of scraps post-sealing. The optional “centered print” system is ideal for businesses requiring precise alignment of printed film with the tray, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the packaged product. The automation of this process not only improves efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of human error, ensuring consistent packaging quality.

Integrated Vacuum Pump

The integration of a 300m3 vacuum pump within the machine’s compact frame is a key feature that saves space and maintains the machine’s small footprint. This design choice is ideal for small production environments where space is at a premium.

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