ILPRA FoodPack 400 Extra Roto

FoodPack 400 Extra Roto

The ILPRA FoodPack 400 Extra Roto is a semi-automatic tray sealer with a rotary table, designed to enhance productivity in small production environments. This model is particularly suitable for skin food packaging, offering small businesses access to quality packaging solutions with a low investment.
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Full Description

The FoodPack 400 Extra Roto combines user-friendly operation with a compact design, making it an ideal choice for small-scale operations. Its rotary table design significantly increases the yield of production by allowing simultaneous loading/unloading and sealing/cutting operations. This model is capable of handling up to six different types of packaging, including sealing only, MAP, vacuum, and various skin packaging methods, making it versatile for a range of product types. The integrated vacuum pump within the machine’s frame ensures a compact footprint, suitable for limited spaces.



Gas Flush





Extraskin on Cardboard

fino a 4 cpm

Extraskin on cardboard
fino a 4 cpm

Technical Data

Dati Tecnici : FoodPack 400 Extra Roto

Dimensioni : 124 x 112 x h 160 cm

Peso : circa 330 Kg

Consumo Aria Vacuum Gas: 6 bar - 40 Nlt/cycle

Consumo Aria ExtraSkin : 6 bar - 70 Nlt/cycle

Area di Saldatura Vacuum Gas: 420 x 300 x h 135 mm

Area di Saldatura ExtraSkin : 400 x 300 x protrusione 50 mm ( opzionale 70 mm )




This patented technology by ILPRA optimizes gas usage and increases the speed of the packaging process, contributing to both cost savings and enhanced productivity.


Specialized for high protrusion skin packaging, this technology allows for skin packing at up to 60 mm (optional 70 mm), providing flexibility and quality in packaging options, especially for products requiring enhanced presentation and protection.


Touch Screen Panel

This panel allows for easy setting of all working parameters and storage of several recipes for quick use, enhancing operational efficiency. The touch screen’s user-friendly interface simplifies the operation process, making it accessible for operators of varying skill levels. Additionally, the ability to store and quickly access multiple packaging recipes increases the machine’s flexibility, accommodating a wide range of packaging needs efficiently.

Rotary Table

The rotary table design enhances productivity by enabling simultaneous loading/unloading and sealing/cutting operations. This feature is particularly beneficial in increasing the throughput of the production line, making the packaging process more efficient and time-effective. The rotary table also contributes to a smoother workflow, reducing the manual handling of trays and thereby increasing overall operational efficiency.

Versatile Packaging Applications

The FoodPack 400 Extra Roto’s versatility is showcased in its ability to handle various packaging types, from simple sealing to more complex skin packaging on different materials. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of products, allowing businesses to cater to diverse packaging requirements without the need for additional equipment.

Integrated Vacuum Pump

The inclusion of a 300m3 vacuum pump within the machine’s compact frame is a key feature that saves space and maintains the machine’s small footprint. This design choice is ideal for small production environments where space is at a premium. The internal vacuum pump also simplifies the setup and maintenance of the machine, as it eliminates the need for external vacuum systems, further enhancing the machine’s ease of use and reliability.

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