FoodPack Basic

The ILPRA FoodPack Basic is the entry-level model of ILPRA traysealers, designed to be super compact and user-friendly. It offers capabilities for modified atmosphere, vacuum, and simple sealing packaging, making it particularly effective for small production runs.
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Full Description

FoodPack Basic is an ideal solution for businesses starting with tray sealing or with smaller production volumes. Its compact design allows it to fit easily in limited spaces, while still offering a range of packaging options including sealing, MAP/ATP, and vacuum. The Roto Basic version enhances productivity by allowing simultaneous loading/unloading and sealing/cutting operations. The E-Mec version further adds to the machine’s efficiency with its electromechanical movement. The touch screen panel simplifies operation and allows for the storage of multiple recipes, facilitating quick changes between different packaging needs.

Suitable for packaging a variety of food products such as pasta, meat, fish, and ready meals, the FoodPack Basic is also available in a Roto Basic version with a rotary table and an E-Mec version.





Technical Data

Technical Data: FoodPack Basic

Dimensions: 91 x 88 x h 63 cm (N) - 104 x 88 x h 63 cm (VG)

Weight : circa 110 (N) - 130 (VG) Kg

Air Consumption : 6 bar - 5 Nlt/cycle

Sealing area : 380 x 270 x h 135 mm




The ProGas System is a patented technology developed by ILPRA, designed to enhance the efficiency and speed of the packaging process. This innovative system works by optimizing the use of gas in the packaging, ensuring that lower amounts are used without compromising the quality of the packaging atmosphere.

Optional: E-MEC Technology

Based on the fully electromechanical movement of the working station, this technology enables higher speed and productivity, offering an efficient solution for businesses looking to enhance their packaging processes.


Touch Screen Panel

This panel simplifies the operation by allowing easy setting of all working parameters. It also enables the storage of multiple recipes for quick and efficient changeovers, making the machine highly adaptable to various packaging needs. The intuitive interface ensures that operators can manage the machine with minimal training, enhancing overall productivity.

Quick Mould Change

The design of the FoodPack Basic allows for a swift and tool-free change of moulds, greatly reducing downtime in production. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to switch between different product sizes frequently, offering them the flexibility to adapt to varying packaging requirements quickly and efficiently.

Electronic Winder & Unwinder

This system efficiently manages the film by automatically unwinding the right amount under the sealing area and rewinding the scraps post-sealing. The optional “centered print” system is ideal for precision packaging, especially when using printed films, ensuring that the packaging appearance is consistent and professional. This feature is crucial for maintaining high standards in packaging quality and aesthetics.

Ultra Compact Design

The compact frame of the FoodPack Basic, which encloses all machine components, is designed for space efficiency. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses with limited workspace. Despite its small footprint, the machine does not compromise on functionality, offering a full range of packaging capabilities in a conveniently sized package.

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