Bucket Line

FoodPack Buckets Line

The ILPRA FoodPack Buckets Line is a highly customizable and advanced bucket packaging solution, featuring servo-assisted electric drive for its main working stations.
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Full Description

Designed for versatility and efficiency, this line is ideal for businesses looking for a comprehensive and adaptable bucket packaging system. The FoodPack Buckets Line stands out with its ability to automatically adjust the working height as programmed, ensuring optimal ergonomics and efficiency. The line’s high customizability allows for the integration of various accessories, such as material sanitization systems, gas flushing, partial vacuum, weight control, and sealing control. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and industries that require precise and reliable bucket packaging. The combination of advanced technology and customizable features positions the FoodPack Buckets Line as a top-tier solution for businesses seeking to enhance their packaging processes.




Gas Flush

Up to 17 cpm

Gas Flush
Up to 15 cpm

Up to 12 cpm

Up to 12 cpm

Technical Data

Technical data: FoodPack Buckets Line

Dimensions: 750 x 140 x h 200 cm

Weight: approx. 3800 Kg

Air consumption: 6 bar - approx. 6 Nlt/cycle

Sealing area: diametro 330 mm x h 320 mm



Touch Screen Panel

Facilitates easy control and adjustment of the machine, allowing operators to manage the packaging process efficiently. The panel’s intuitive interface makes it simple to program and adjust settings, ensuring a smooth operation.

Sealing Area

Designed to handle a wide range of bucket sizes with its large sealing area. This feature is essential for businesses that require flexibility in packaging different product volumes and types, ensuring consistent sealing quality.

External Hopper

Enhances the efficiency of the packaging process by providing additional storage and easy access to materials. This feature is particularly useful for high-volume production, reducing the need for frequent refills and maintaining a continuous workflow.

Snap on Lid Denester

Automates the placement of lids on buckets, streamlining the packaging process. This component is crucial for maintaining a high pace in production while ensuring that each bucket is securely sealed, which is vital for product safety and quality.

Stock Speedy
Omino Ilpra
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