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Form Fill Seal MD

The principles behind the MD models of ILPRA’s Form Fill Seal line are:

– Technological concept based on the use of servo-assisted electrical movements
– Standardised components from the best manufacturers available on the market
– Evolved software that allows simple and effective management of any machine function for a
close connection with the computer systems available at the customer’s premises (CPS 4.0 cyber-physical system)
– Intuitive and complete HMI user interface
– Simple, intuitive and effective solutions capable of speeding up and simplifying the various operational phases of the
– Reduced dimensions

The result of our work is to be able to offer our customers a machine capable of guaranteeing maximum production efficiency, high precision and hygiene in the dosing phase, reduced operating costs through rationalisation of both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance procedures, and silent operation. The ergonomic and functional design is studied to facilitate use, maintenance and sanitisation operations, as well as guaranteeing a high customisation matrix thanks to the various optional extras.

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Technical data Form Fill Seal
Production capacityfrom 6.00 to 43.000 cups/hour
Forming film560 mm. max
Max. Step260 mm
Max height package100 mm
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Ultra Hygienic Design

Both in terms of available options and construction, ILPRA’s FFS models guarantee the integrity of the packaged product, maximum accessibility and cleanliness of every component of the machine

Highly customisable

Highly integrable

Total Brushless

This line allows you to optimise the timing of each work step by increasing productivity and improving product and container handling.

Form Fill Seal MD