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Form Fill Seal MD

The Form Fill Seal MD by ILPRA is engineered for efficiency, using servo-assisted electrical movements and standardised parts from top suppliers. This intuitive and comprehensive human-machine interface simplifies operations, facilitating faster and simpler packaging processes.
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Full Description

The Form Fill Seal MD is a compact, highly efficient and customizable packaging machine to optimize production efficiency, maintain high hygiene standards, and reduce operating costs.

This machine boasts an advanced software system for seamless integration with client-side cyber-physical systems, enhancing machine functionality. The MD model is compact yet powerful, designed to maximize production efficiency and precision during the dosing phase. It significantly reduces operating costs by streamlining maintenance processes and operates quietly. The design prioritizes ergonomic use and easy maintenance, while offering high customization through various optional features.

Technical Data

Ultra Hygienic Design

The Form Fill Seal MD is built to ensure product integrity and machine cleanliness, with full accessibility to all components for easy cleaning.

High Customization

The machine can be tailored with various options to meet specific production needs, ensuring it fits perfectly into different production environments.

Total Brushless Operation

This feature optimizes the timing of each operational step, boosting productivity and enhancing the handling of products and containers.



Ultra Hygienic Design

The Form Fill Seal MD maintains the highest standards of product safety and cleanliness. It is constructed to allow complete access to all its parts, making it easy to clean and maintain. This design not only protects the integrity of the packaged products but also significantly reduces the risk of contamination.


Whether it’s adjusting the machine’s layout, integrating different module functions or utilizing various sealing and filling technologies, this machine can be configured to suit a wide range of packaging needs. This flexibility allows it to seamlessly integrate into any production line and keep up with future changes too.

Total Brushless Operation

The brushless operation of the Form Fill Seal MD machine uses advanced servo motors instead of traditional brushed motors. This technology enhances the machine’s operational efficiency by providing smoother and more precise control over the movement of its components. As a result, it optimizes the timing of each stage, from filling to sealing, increasing overall productivity.

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