FormPack F0 & F660

The FormPack F0 and its variant F660 are compact thermoforming machines that offer customizable solutions while adhering to a common construction philosophy. These models are designed with a small footprint, great flexibility, excellent production performance, standardized formats, and ease of use.
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Full Description

The FormPack F0 and F660 represent ILPRA’s commitment to providing versatile and efficient packaging solutions that balance compact design with high production capability.

These machines are particularly suitable for businesses that require flexibility in packaging size and type, without sacrificing production efficiency. Their customizable formats and integration capabilities adapt them to a wide range of applications, particularly in industries where space efficiency is crucial.

Additionally, the F0 and F660 models are designed with sustainability in mind, featuring energy-efficient components and systems that reduce the overall environmental impact of the packaging process. This focus on eco-friendly design, combined with their advanced technology and customization options, makes the FormPack F0 and F660 ideal for businesses looking to enhance their packaging processes in a responsible manner.

Skin Form

Sealing Form


Vacuum Form

Technical Data

Technical data: FormPack F0

Frame length : from 3500 to 4800 mm (max)

Step: 400 mm (max)

Forming film width: 460 mm (max)

Maximum height of containers: 120 mm (max)

Technical data: FormPack F660

Frame length : from 3500 to 4500 mm (max)

Step: 400 mm (max)

Forming film width: 660 mm (max)

Maximum height of containers: 120 mm (max)



Ultra Compact

The F0 and F660 models boast a compact design, ideal for facilities with limited space, yet they do not compromise on functionality. This compactness is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses or facilities where maximizing space is essential.

Customised Format

These machines offer high customization in terms of format, catering to specific packaging needs, and allowing businesses to tailor them to unique production requirements. This adaptability is key for businesses that handle a variety of products and need a machine that can adjust to different packaging sizes and styles.

Highly Integrable

Designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems and processes, these models are versatile additions to any production line. Their adaptability to different operational setups makes them valuable for businesses looking to streamline their packaging process with minimal disruption to existing workflows.

Total Brushless

This technology optimizes the timing of each step, increasing productivity and improving the handling of products and containers. The precision and efficiency provided by the brushless system are crucial for maintaining high-quality packaging standards and reducing operational costs over time.

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