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Robotic Island – Pick and Place IR

ILPRA's Robotic Island – Pick and Place IR is a sophisticated system designed for palletizing and cartoning packages. It features electro-mechanical handling, making it a highly efficient solution for automated packaging processes.
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Full Description

The Robotic Island – Pick and Place IR represents ILPRA’s commitment to advanced automation in packaging. This system is engineered to handle tasks such as palletizing and cartoning with precision and efficiency. Its electro-mechanical handling system means complete control over the working parameters, ensuring that each action is executed with accuracy and consistency.

The machine’s versatility makes it suitable for a variety of packaging formats, including trays, American boxes, and pallets. The touch screen panel enhances user-friendliness, allowing operators to easily set and adjust working parameters. This robotic solution is ideal for businesses seeking to optimize their packaging line with a reliable, high-performance robotic system.


American box


Technical Data

Technical data : Top Loading RC

Dimensions : 220 x 130 x h 180 cm

Weight: Approx. 900 Kg

Installed electric power : 3 kW

Air consumption: 15 ( x20) Nlt/Cicli

Max. boxes Dim. (mm):



Touch Screen Panel

Allows for easy control and adjustment of the machine, allowing operators to manage the packaging process efficiently and keeping training requirements to a minimum.

Gripping Head

The system includes a specialized gripping head designed to handle various package types and sizes securely and efficiently. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the products during the packaging process and ensures that each package is placed accurately.

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