• Automatics

FoodPack Speedy E-mec

Speedy E-mec is the mechanical version of FoodPack Speedy: silent, efficient, and with a wider sealing area. This model offers superior performance and has various accessible applications, such as vacuum sealing, MAP, and different types of skin packaging.

The color touch screen interface is simple and intuitive, making it easily usable even for inexperienced personnel.

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  • Sealing
  • Gas Flush
  • Vacuum
  • Skin
  • Overskin
  • Extraskin
  • Extraskin on Cardboard
Technical DataFoodPack Speedy E-mec
Dimensions323 x 116 x h 159 cm
Weight750 (N) / 800 (VG) Kg
Air consumption6 bar - 2 Nlt/cycle
Sealing area500 x 270 x h 135 mm
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Wider Loading Area

Speedy E-mec is equipped with an additional step to increase your production.

Touch Screen Panel

All operational parameters of the machine are regulated by this unit. It stores various recipes for swift utilization by the operator. The panel incorporates access to the self-diagnostic system to analyze and resolve any machine issues.

Mechanical Sealing

Thanks to its mechanical motor it manages to limit energy consumption while maintaining constant production.

Unwinding-rewinding system with automatic reels

This device is designed to automate the positioning of the appropriate amount of heat-sealing film, coming from a reel, in the welding area, as well as to rewind the scraps after the welding-cutting operation. The system is electromechanically activated and managed by a special sensor that automatically maintains the correct tension, adapting to variations in reel diameter, weight, and operating speed. Both unwinding and rewinding shafts are equipped with a pneumatic expansion system, ensuring optimal locking and enabling the operator to load and unload quickly and effortlessly.



Based on the fully electromechanical movement of the working station, this technology enables higher speed and productivity.


Technology patented by ILPRA that guarantees a lower use of gas and a higher working speed. Available on all models in this line.


It allows Skin packing even at high degrees of protrusion.


Pre-heating of the film to optimize packaging in Skin.

FoodPack Speedy E-mec